Yoga for Relaxation and Flexibility

"I've taken your yoga classes at Good Samaritan North. Your classes were the best yoga classes I've ever taken. You definitely 'set the bar'!"

"Keith is an excellent instructor - meeting each student's needs."

"This is the best yoga class that I have attended."

"A wonderful program that I have taken every session since 1997."

"Wonderful class! I look forward to it every week..."

"I'm hooked. Now doing yoga 4-7 times a week. Very glad I took the class."

"Can't wait to attend the next class!"

"This class was one of the best classes I have attended - It was very relaxing."

"Keith continues to be an exceptional teacher - I look forward to his class each week."

"Extraordinarily charming, at the same time rejuvenating - very supportive atmosphere!"

"I continue to sign up every session. Classes are great. Keith is very patient and encouraging."

"FANTASTIC! More flexible - less bursitis pain. Keith is terrific!"

"This class continues to challenge me in new ways"

"This class exceeded my expectations."

"Excellent teacher - extremely patient and encouraging."

"Best overall program (mental and physical) I've attended."

"Keith is excellent!!! I look forward to taking more yoga."

"I've taken this class for eight years!"

"As usual, Keith's class is fulfilling, rewarding and challenging. I look forward to it!"

I have never been this relaxed. Thankyou!

"Awesome, awesome, awesome!"


Updated Oct 2018