Yoga for Relaxation and Flexibility

Yoga survives today as the oldest most holistic system of body-mind fitness and is used the world over. It consists of gentle stretches and breathing exercises. The goal of yoga is to achieve and maintain peak physical, mental and spiritual wellness and induce harmony to be fully healthy. It reduces stress and enhances health and creative energy.

Yoga is a scientific time-tested 6,000 year old system of self-improvement. The heart of yogic teachings lies in the belief that a self-fulfilled person is a healthy person, free from disease caused by stress and improper living habits. The practice of yoga is designed to lead us to an ever-increasing knowledge of ourselves and the needs of our body and mind. Yoga, in short, is a science of self-development that deals with the whole person.

Most Westerners usually begin the practice of this ancient science with Hatha yoga. Consisting of gentle stretching postures and breathing exercises, Hatha yoga is a scientific approach to mastering the body and removing the many deep-seated tensions blocks which inhibit a healthy body and mind.

Since yoga exercises are done in a slow, steady manner, they do not require a great deal of stamina or flexibility. Consequently, they can be practiced and enjoyed by the young and old alike. Even someone with physical disease can benefit from doing yoga. The postures, when done with proper guidance, never produce a strain on the body.

The practice of Hatha yoga reduces stress, gradually makes you more resistant to disease, fills you with vital, creative energy and eliminates physical, mental and emotional blocks and barriers to inner peace and true health.

Updated Oct 2018