Yoga for Relaxation and Flexibility

Canadian humorist Stephen Leacock once wrote. Americans are a queer people; they can't rest." And that's hard to deny. While our get-things-done mentality has fostered incredible imagination and productivity, it also makes us exhausted and often sick.
- Editors of Utne Magazine

My first taste of real rest and relaxation occurred after my first yoga class. In the 1970's I attended a class at the prompting of a dear friend. I explored it out of curiosity. However, after that first session, I obtained a deep level of relaxation and an awareness of how much stress I was carrying around on an unconscious level. The level of relaxation was so acute that I started a life long commitment to the practice of yoga.

From my personal practice and my journey as a teacher I developed a focus on "Yoga for Relaxation".

I have observed the same thing that Canadian humorist Stephen Leacock noticed. Many Americans don't know how to relax; nor are they aware of the level of stress in their daily lives. The level of stress in most peoples lives has reached epidemic proportions. Even elementary-school-kids now regularly talk about being "stressed out." With the ever-increasing pace of change thrown at us by forces seemingly beyond our control, we could all use a little more calm in our lives.

Yoga can release the deep-seated tensions many of us have carried around for years. It can also provide a sort of inner shock absorber for our psyche, as we experience the potholes and speed bumps of daily life. Yoga can provide us with a measure of inner peace and allow us to be flexible and steady amid all of those unexpected things life throws our way.

Join me as I guide you to a level of tranquility and relaxation that only yoga can provide. Experience the unity of body, mind and spirit!

Updated Oct 2018